Customer Notice: Hong Kong Elite / Basic Retail VPS Service

  • 27th January 2023
[Customer Notice: Hong Kong Elite / Basic Retail VPS Service]   WHEN: Immediately WHAT: We observed one of our hypervisors running unstable recently. Your service is likely running on this hypervisor. For your service availability, we highly recommend you raise a ticket for service migration.     Affected customer sample:
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Payment Gateway Surcharge

  • 26th January 2023
Dear AperNet Customers,   Payment gateway surcharge module was reactivated after being patched. Surcharge applies to all outstanding and future invoices. This will help us better serve all customers.   Gateway Per Transaction Fee Surcharge Rate Credit Card 0.35 USD 4.90% Alipay 0.35 USD 2.90%   We appreciate ...
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Service Recover: Hong Kong - ALL SERVICE

  • 30th December 2022

WHEN: Starting from 2022-12-30 18:00

WHAT: We have reconfigured our racks and recovered services influenced by our operation.

If your service is not back to life, please open a ticket or contact us directly.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience. We thank your support and patience.

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Maintenance: Hong Kong - ALL SERVICE

  • 30th December 2022
[Maintenance: Hong Kong - ALL SERVICE]WHEN: Starting from 2022-12-30 10:00 HKTWHAT: We found misconfiguration on server racks that holding our network and virtualization core, which caused several issues blocking operation. We need to unmount devices from these racks before reconfiguring these racks.The misconfiguration is caused by the previous ...
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